[Suggestion] Redefined Fashionista Event

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[Suggestion] Redefined Fashionista Event

Post by Lady_Akisha on Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:10 pm

Note: Mere suggestion only.


This is a team event, so cooperation is very much needed. The event will happen in-game, meaning no screenshots are needed. We also need a help from a GM, of course.

Teams shall be composed of 4 members each. The GM will require a theme per round of fashionista event and some clues where to meet the GM.

Teams will have to find accessories and equips that will be suitable for the theme asked by the GM in four maps of the game (Adventure Plains, Canyon City of Zant, Junon Polis, Magical City of Eucar).

All four members of the team should wear the costumes which compliment other team member's costumes and the theme required.

Speed is not an essential of the event, but will constitute 50% of the score of each team. The other 50% will come from the creativity of each team.

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