B>> Ancient Tablets 1-4 300k each

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B>> Ancient Tablets 1-4 300k each

Post by MOST_WANTED™ on Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:37 am

B>> Ancient Tablets 1-4 300k each.

I need 58 pces Ancient Tablet 1>> If u sell me that many Ancient Tablet one's theres a 20% bonus (I have to pay) and another bonus of a free Emerald [3]

Need 82 pces Ancient Tablet 2 >> Bonus 20% (I have to pay).

Need 189 pces Ancient Tablet 3 >> Bonus 25% (I have to pay)

Need 155 pces Ancient Tablet 4 >> Bonus 20% (I have to pay)

Special Bonus!!!!
Sell me Ancient Tablet 1-4 all pces above i need, a special bonus i will give!!!! its 105% bonus (I have to pay), Emerald [3] and Gets to spend 400 of my Donation points to buy a non mileage item ( tell me what item you want and i will buy and give to you in game)

Also buying SS (Spiritual stones) for 20M each.
P.S no bonuses for SS because i dont have enough items for bonuses.
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