Let's kickstart this project!

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Let's kickstart this project!

Post by Terr0risT™ on Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:06 pm

I've been looking at your comments over at Facebook. I should just write my announcements directly at our group page but I prefer to do it here, just so that it'll be easier to find in the future. So, looking at how we are all ready for the new FreeROSE server, I wanna kickstart the project by listing what we need, and the plans we need to take to make this possible.

Things we need and how much they'll cost us.

1. Dedicated Server ............ $63/month
2. Domain Name ................ Php788 (for the first 2 years)

If you ask me, i'd rather that we host the server in my house. Problem is, I don't have the ability to open ports, that is, my ISP wont allow it. But if we want to get the party started asap, then we will rent the cheapest dedicated server we can get. Most companies will sell at around $100 starter setup. So the $63/month price tag is a steal. That's around Php3,100 every month. Not bad. It's not the best, nor the recommended machine. But since then plan is just to run a FreeROSE test server, I think this will do at least for now. We will upgrade when the right time comes. It is important to remember though, that we need this month after month. So I need your commitment in keeping the server alive.

I want to use the domain for our community forums. Right now I feel rose.forumotion.net is a little ugly, and does not put us at the same level as the rest of the private servers running ROSE online. I think if are to convince new people to join us, then we will have to start with a good domain name. www.freeroseonline.com will do it. It costs Php788 for the first 2 years, then a renewal fee of Php739/year thereafter.

These are the only costs we need to worry about for now. As soon as our dedicated server is ready, I should be able to run the game and make it public so anyone can start downloading the client and play.

Donations are a lot easier now more than ever. Anyone who has Gcash can directly send it to my account. If you don't, there are plenty of business outlets where you can send your donations. Banks, 7-11, SM outlets, Cebuana, etc. For more info, check https://www.gcash.com/cash-in/gpo and just type in your location to find the nearest outlet.

GCASH NUMBER: 09553287500

If you prefer to send your donations via Paypal, send it to randybatiquin@gmail.com

While I appreciate if you give without expecting in return, I promise that all your donations will be rewarded. But because we're all starting from scratch and the server is brand new, please don't expect custom items or overpowered weapons. That time will come. And I will not forget those who helped in kickstarting this project.


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