GM shortage at Night..... (PH Time)

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GM shortage at Night..... (PH Time)

Post by mhaeraz24 on Sat Jun 02, 2007 11:29 pm

I was wondering scratch , the only best way to talk to GM and buy stuff is at morning aprox 10am - 9pm (Philippine Time) but after that night player or out of country players have to Hope and pray that a GM pops out once in a while! At morning i go to work and in the afternoon i spend time with my girl my only play time is at night 9pm - 1am or even 2am even at week end i might not be at home to play so my only sure game time is 9pm! but lately no GM's poping in at Night from 10pm its hard to buy skills and equipments and even rewards. i would suggest to pls post a schedule when will a GM be online so we could just PM them, cause night players/offshore players are having a hard time finding a GM.. thnx and i hope that you consider my suggestion.
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Re: GM shortage at Night..... (PH Time)

Post by genokun* on Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:19 am

im at USA, PST but sometime depends on which time I am on and off...also it depends on how much loads of work i got from work!! been pretty busy lately from my own company. and now i am on its...65% FUN relax @ Hawaii and 10% FOOD LOTS of FOOD!! and 25% is on anything + gaming... i am using global satellite broadband from my work, lol i can use it anytime for anything...


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