1st Job Change

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1st Job Change

Post by genokun* on Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:07 am

(Level 10 Visitor Requirement)

1.) Talk to Warren in Zant and say that you wish to change into a Soldier. He will say that talk is cheap and that you should prove yourself. He will tell you to go see Leonard In Zant.

2.) Leonard will assign you a task to prove your bravery. Go to the Valley of Luxem Tower and find 20 Honeybee Stingers from Honeybees.

3.) Return to Leonard after getting your trophies. He will send you out to find 3 Pumpkin Seeds from Elder Pumpkins. Back to the Valley of Luxem Tower.

4.) Leonard acknowledges your bravery and writes a recommendation for you to show to Warren. Return to Warren and you can now turn into a Soldier.


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