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Post by Bardukens25 on Sun Jul 22, 2007 7:36 pm

Pioneer clans are clan that are very loyal to our server from start until now. that's why they have those godlike items which they really made effort on it.

before [GM]Yunalesca made a PVP event called King of Lions Den event wherein 3 pioneering clans joined this event.

Champs: Onslaught clan owned by CM Ringz**

1st Runner up: Sexilicious clan owned by CM NoRa

2nd Runner up: CuteGuysAlert owned by CM ok123*

Those clans are the most pioneer clans ever last time. Now they made clans again w/ different teams now. The most recent survey that i had who are clans that have pioneer players are the following:

Autobots Clan owned by CM Ringz**

GuildWars Owned by CM Allyssa**

OuTcAsT Owned by CM SwordyKara**

those 3 clans are recently the pioneers of freerose. they been loyal to us ups and downs.

too bad we have players who are now inactive and also gave up in our server for some reasons. but we do appreciate them because they played here in our server.

loyalty deserves nice treats from us GM's and Admin. so they deserve those godlike items that they having now.

too bad that GM Geno made a big mistake on our server and many players got those marvelous items. unfortunately there are some players been character deleted due to Geno's chaotic incident. but we have no choice. players w/ those items tried hard to reach the best item ever. so we give gredit to our loyal players of freerose and still supporting and voting us to remain on the best 5 private servers ever.

Now w/ this new idea admin made im sure many players will do appreciate the new application. new drops, new rules, new beginning for our new dear players of freerose.

thank you so much for supporting us!! we hope u still continue playing, voting and donating to our dear server.
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Post by geoMaX on Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:22 pm

awww.... >.< i wasnt blessed coz i leave the clan of alyssa>.<

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