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FreeROSE 2018

Post by Terr0risT™ on Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:42 pm

Good morning everyone!

So i'm hearing perfectly that some of you have expressed yearning to play ROSE online once more. It may also be true for the rest who are not around. I've also gotten a few private messages voicing their excitement about a possible revival.

Unfortunately, the old FreeROSE we knew and loved, is already long gone. The server is dead, files deleted, game client is no more. If we want to play this beautiful game in 2018, we'll just have to scour the internet for something we can use. The development community is literally dead, so this might prove harder than it looks. The test server I was working on is perhaps the closest we could ever get to matching NArose, but a lot of work needs to be done to get the in-game Quests to activate. I'm not saying it's not fixable, I just wanted to set your expectations right. That is, if we can even get the game online for everyone to play.

I have a decent internet connection, with 25mbps up/down speed, and less than 5ms ping. But it's a residential fiber line, meaning I don't have a static IP, and I don't have the ability to port forward anything. My current ISP requires that I upgrade to a business account to avail that. If anyone of you knows how to get around this issue, please let me know.

A good alternative is that we rent a dedicated gaming server running Windows. Well, it's a little expensive. I don't mind if you guys come up with something, and give me access so I can start administering, but if we can't get the server run from my house in Quezon City, then we'll have to go get ourselves a dedicated host.

Finally, if this is going to happen, if you are really serious about reviving FreeROSE, a few things are inevitable:

1. Everyone will start from scratch. New accounts and new characters. Everyone will have to start anew.
2. This will be a new server, don't expect the old customizations we had before to just magically reappear. It may take some time for me to develop the game and introduce new items, or new setup.
3. We will have to play on a "Test Server", meaning that you help me find bugs while you play around the map, and bring suggestions to the table so I can work on them. A possible wipe may happen when we're ready to graduate from Beta.
4. I will need all the help I can get to finance the server. This is not going to be only me. Everyone will play their part to ensure the server's longevity.
5. You will have to help me bring in new bloods - new players to help populate the server.

I know this game have built friendship and memories, and playing it once again should be enough to make you smile and remember the old days. Let's bring our old group back to Junon, infront of Mildun and we can talk and catch up. I will see you there! So help me do this, and I wish I can count on all of you.


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Re: FreeROSE 2018

Post by death10 on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:13 pm

Sir let us know kung magkano kakailanganin para sa dedicated server para mapagusapan na namin magkano paghahatihatian namin, para masimulan na paghahanap sa mfa bugs
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