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Post by Biboy on Fri Aug 03, 2007 10:45 am

i am not gonna start a stupid fight over this but isn't it just too much to disable the shoutbox just because a couple of misbehaving misfits are not following orders.

hey. c'mon.., certainly i also had my share of pranks in the shouts but tottaly disabling it while the server is off? what do you call that? where is the sense of community here? if someone do something wrong might as well punish that particular person for the crime and not blame the whole community. shouts are vital for me and other fun loving players since it enables us to socialize with each other when the servers are down or continue discussions wwe are having just before the servers went off.

admin kitty i hope you understand my point, please don't take it against innocent players.
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Post by Terr0risT™ on Fri Aug 03, 2007 11:41 am


Don't worry, I'll ask kitty to re-enable our shoutbox. :)

And I hate to say this, but I've been banning a couple IP addresses everyday.. then here comes those offenders sending me PM on my forum inbox asking for forgiveness and requesting for their IP's to be taken off the list.

People, we're doing all these for fun. We might have an unstable server as of the moment but that's all what we have. You can't expect a private server to be something close to a commercial setup.

I decided to welcome pROSE players and even offered to duplicate their items and character levels because I understand how depressing it might be to lose a game you so loved for more than 2 years.

We only have Open Source server files.. and you might not know this but the program we use to run our server is still in Beta. It is unstable, it crashes without warnings, it uses huge amount of CPU resources, it's got several bugs, and most especially it is not comparable to the server pROSE have.

Every player who have tried other private servers in a good amount of time understands this perfectly.

pROSE have a brand New NOKIA n70, while we only have a buggy, refurbished 3315 that turns off without warnings while you're in the middle of writing your text message. :)

I hope you understand that.

But compare us to other existing private servers and I will tell you we are the most advanced.. we got summons, and most skills working. We can add skills to our mobs when all other private servers are wondering how the hell were we able to do that. We got the most number of online count. Other private servers have an average of only 15 people online everyday. FreeROSE can hold a maximum of 150 players. While 99% of private servers are still studying how to get skills like Valkyrie Charm, Cloak and Stealth to work, FreeRose have already fixed this several weeks ago. The Sikuku Prison scrolls do not work in all private servers. We got it working here. I can name a lot of fixes we made to our buggy 3315 that makes us stand out among the rest.

Yes we are on top among the hundreds of private servers worldwide. And I want you, as a FreeRose player, to be proud of that.

And as a Filipino... to be real proud of that. :)

Yes, we will re-enable our shoutbox.. But I'll quote my favorite rap artist

if you ain't got nothin' nice to say, then don't say nothing...




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